Timothy Ferriss and GED Prep – Getting out off your comfort zone

I mentioned that I was reading a suggestion he makes is to reset your system, to challenge your comfort zones in small ways all of the time. It’s very similar to what I learned from the BestGEDClasses.org online course that I was participating in while preparing for the GED test. Management is what I want to study; that’s my future!

By completing comfort challenges, you step outside the established “reality” and into your “unreality.” The idea is to subtly shift your mindset; the rules that are in place for everyone else do not necessarily apply to you.

The first challenge he issues to the reader is to make eye contact and not break it. Let the other person be the one to avert their gaze. Do this to strangers on the street, friends, whoever. It breeds a sense of confidence and authority.

I think this is simple and obvious, but something most people don’t take conscious note of. So far, it’s been harder than I thought it would be, but already (I’m on day two) I notice myself doing it more often, and with greater ease. Since I’m going to be out and about, networking to promote myself as a freelance writer, projecting confidence is key.

What do you do to challenge your comfort zone and gain confidence?

Spice Up Your Write.

I imagine when writing is your job, it starts to feel like work. Even if when you started it was your passion, your delight.

I could be wrong, though. You might be one of those people who grumble, with premature lines in your face, that “writing. Is. Not. fun. It is serious and hard, or else it isn’t any good.” I hope you aren’t. If so, I recommend a facial moisturizer with glycolic acid for the wrinkles, and fun writing exercise for an attitude adjustment.

Because writing can be really fun. I love this exercise, inspired by Joey Comeau. He writes cover letters to companies, saying the truths that most people never would say. I’ve done a few of my own, while in the trenches, looking for mundane jobs that are intended to tide me over until my writing career takes off. I sent some of the joke cover letters in and even got one interview, which cracked me up even more.

So, do you have any fun exercises you do to shift your mood and stir your creativity?


I was reading an article in The Georgia Straight the other day, about how Twitter seems to be taking over. In the article, it mentions how Vancouver ‘blogebrity’ Rebecca Bolwitt – Miss 604 – uses Twitter to attract and drive traffic to her blog. So, of course, I decided to get all over it.

Unfortunately, I’m technology-hopeless and ashamed to admit how long it took me to get as far with the social-networking site as I’ve gotten. Almost double the time it took me to install my beloved Technorati button, where I am currently the favorite of a whopping two people; myself, and my boyfriend. Oh well, I put it up myself, so I hold it dear despite all its faults.

Still, I want this whole Twitter business pans out a bit more. It looks fun from what I can see, and some people’s updates are hilarious. I follow those people despite not knowing them, and feel slightly like a hapless stalker, clutching randomly to coattails.

Anyways, onto the shameless coercing; I’m Erin Melanie so feel free to follow, and I’ll be pleased to follow back. A shout-out to Feedburner, though. So far, I’ve felt like someone was holding my hand through every process, which causes a sigh of relief.

Does anybody else find any of these sites a slight confusing? Or are you so technologically-savvy that sometimes it hurts? If it’s the latter, do, please impart some worldly knowledge.

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