Get Your TESOL Certificate

Would you like to live and work abroad?
Are you a student, a recent university graduate or someone wanting a career change?

You can do it with the internationally recognized S.I.T. TESOL CERTIFICATE from the Spain TESOL Program, accredited by the School for International Training
Come to the Mediterranean city of Barcelona and…

  • participate in an accredited, intensive, 130 hour TESOL Certificate course.
  • encounter friendly, professional, experienced and supportive staff.
  • develop the skills to be a teacher that employers want to hire and students enjoy learning with.
  • benefit from hands-on guidance and assistance re. working and living abroad.
  • link up with a worldwide network of alumni, schools, summer language camps, volunteer agencies, etc.
  • observe how a successful language school operates.
  • take advantage of competitively priced tuition and housing.
  • receive assistance with housing arrangements as well as advice regarding travel.
  • enjoy a course located in the heart this historic, yet modern, city.
  • have access to computers, internet, etc.
  • earn an internationally recognized certificate.

Applicant Requirements

An applicant must:
Be a native or native-like English speaker, at least twenty years old, have a high school degree and show a capacity for university-level education, such as solid writing skills.
Remain calm under pressure, be willing to accept the authority of your trainers, commit to conveying a difference of opinion in a respectful manner and be willing to work as a positive team player.
Submit an application along with a one-page essay as well as have an oral interview, which can be done by phone.
Show a willingness to plan and teach in groups and to work reflectively.

Other requirements for non-native speakers who know English at a native-like level:
a minimum TOEFL score of 550 for the written test or 213 for the computerized version or an IELTS Band 6.0 or higher.
a second oral interview with a different interviewer. This interview can be done over the telephone, too.


For the training period, you should bring at least 600-800 €uros. If you plan to stay in Spain after the course you should bring at least an additional 2000- 3000 €uros to cover the cost of securing long-term housing and living expenses until you receive your first payment.

Application Procedures

1- Visit the Spain TESOL website, and download and complete the application along with the 400 to 500-word essay.

2- E-mail, fax or mail the application and essay to the Spain TESOL Program.

3- Participate in an interview, which can be done by phone, after the application has been received. You will be contacted to set up this interview.

4- After acceptance and paying the deposit, you will be able to enroll and reserve a place in the available course of your choice. The remainder of the tuition (1200 €uros) may be paid in any installments and at any frequency that is convenient for you, provided that the entire balance has been paid in full by the start of the course.

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