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download (14)Dear students who suffer from some overweight: the folks over at Prevention Magazine (and more weight loss product marketers) have apparently discovered the magic pill for fast, permanent, effective proven weight loss success.

AND! The best part? It’s free!!! No, really…..
Excuse the misleading sales pitch but hey – I had to get you to read this blog post! I’ve done the same thing too many diet plan marketers do!

One of the reasons I struggled with weight loss had to do with the fact that I expected a quicker rate of loss than I was getting. The media bombards us with messages suggesting that weight loss can be fast and easy. Why?

Because we are all basically impatient – especially in terms of weight loss. They know that’s what we want and will jump at the chance to have that without even thinking about it!

When I wanted a faster rate of weight loss I ate less – because hey, “Eat less, exercise more” is common knowledge. Is this “common knowledge” correct? Effective? Maybe yes, maybe no. First I’d need to know how many calories you were consuming, how much exercise you do, and how many calories your body requires to maintain its current weight at that activity level.

My doctor even told me to eat less – even though I was already eating fewer calories than I should have been! She gave me that advise based on nothing more than looking at me. I know this because she asked me how many calories I was eating. I didn’t know. “Hey! I’m on Weight Watchers. I don’t have to count calories! I count points. I eat 24 points.”

I’ve since gone over my food journals from that time and tallied up the calories. I wasn’t eating enough! I was 194lbs, doing 40-60 minute cardio sessions 4-6 days a week, and eating 1350 calories on average. That’s starvation for a girl that size and activity level! In fact, my BMR at that weight would have been around 1600. 1600 should have been the bare minimum I was consuming WITHOUT exercise! EEESH!!

I still get mad when I think about how absolutely BAD that advice was AND that it was given to me based on nothing more than erroneous assumptions and beliefs – my doctor’s assumption that I was eating too much based on the belief that all overweight people eat too much!

In fact, Doc even commented about how much food I was eating! She said, “I could never eat that many points!” I swear to God she said that to me!!!

Over the past two years I’ve become painfully aware of the weight loss and fitness myths that the media tends to not only create but then reinforce in our minds – over and over and over! I see how this effects the weight loss efforts of my clients. It’s incredibly difficult to get through to people sometimes. I have to unbrainwash them!

I’ve put together a video demonstrating some of the the ways marketers create and reinforce the false belief many of us have – the belief that somewhere out there exists a magic pill for fast weight loss and that the product being sold is said magic pill.

Before you view the video PLEASE be sure to answer these questions – if take the few minutes to do this you will have a better understanding of the things I talk about in the video. I’d appreciate it if you leave them as comments – it will be helpful to others to see just how much we all have in common when it comes to our thinking and beliefs about dieting and weight loss.

1. Have you tried to lose weight in the past?
2. If you have tried to lose weight before – what was your average rate of weight loss? i.e – You lost 20lbs in 12 weeks = 1.6lbs a week.
3. List 5 of the most difficult, frustrating, and/or unpleasant aspects of your previous weight loss efforts.
4. Describe your ideal diet/weight loss plan. What would it include? What would it absolutely not include? i.e. no liquid meals, no supplements, it must be effective, etc.

Once you’ve answered these questions, go ahead and watch the video. This is the unabridged version of the video (bad sound for the first few minutes but it gets much better). Here is a somewhat shorter version – approximately 16 minutes – “Is Diet Advertising Making You Fat?” and part 2 is here.

Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or email updates as this is only part one. I’m actually going to purchase the product, inspect, and come back and review.

After you’ve answered the questions and watched the video – check out this article I’ve written where I do the math and show you how and why they can claim the unreasonable numbers they do in the ad.