Do I need to go to freshman orientation?

images-58Before you begin your exciting first year at college, you’ll be invited to attend a freshman orientation during the summer, where you can become more familiar with what it means to live at and attend your new college.

But for many, attending freshman orientation is a huge inconvenience. For starters, it can be pretty expensive — I know my freshman orientation cost around $300 for myself and my parents to attend, and that’s not including traveling costs, such as food and hotels.

For others, the distance might be a big factor — if your college is a ten hour drive, then attending freshman orientation will take a lot of effort. Maybe you’re busy the day of orientation. And, perhaps, you’re just not interested. There are lots of reasons why you would consider missing orientation.

First and foremost, find out what’s going on at orientation. Many colleges do the same thing at freshman orientation, but you never know for sure. Make sure that nothing’s going on that you can’t afford to miss. If you’re at all unsure, send an e-mail to your college to become certain.

Talk to your parents as well. Just because you’re not too interested in going doesn’t mean they aren’t. Here’s a little secret: freshman orientation is mostly for the parents, but you get dragged along too. While you may not care about what’s going on, your parents might. Orientation answers a lot of questions parents will have.

Going to orientation may offer perks to students who attend. For example, I was able to sign up for classes sooner than students who didn’t attend, and I got out of a few of the mandatory meetings at the beginning of the year.

Attending freshman orientation also gives a preview of what it’s like to meet people in college. Again, sending an e-mail to your college or talking to a student who attends the school already will provide you with more information.

Chances are you don’t need to go to orientation. To be honest, I didn’t need to attend mine, beyond signing up for classes, though I still really enjoyed the experience.

Spring Fever

Well, it looks like spring has sprung, and I’ve been feverishly checking the accu-weather extended forecast for the next 15 days to see if there is ANY CHANCE in hell that it might snow. The forecast doesn’t seem to predict that so I’m going to pray to god that is the case.

It’s been so good for my mood to just be able to sit outside for a while and take in some rays. You’d think I’d move somewhere that the weather is pleasant all the time for all my complaining about the snow, but really, despite my deep hatred for the months of February and March, I also really get a lot of pleasure out of watching the seasons change.

I wait in anxious anticipation for early signs of spring, for the long days of summer, the crisp-colorful goodness of fall, and even the first flakes of snow. I’m difficult like that.

Last night, after work, I headed over to pick up Krista to show her the house. We chilled on my front steps (MINE! MY! FRONT! STEPS! – well ok, OUR front steps technically but you know what I mean) – front steps that don’t belong to a landlord, or my parents, or my sister, front steps that are alllll ours.

But anyway, we sat there chillin in the late afternoon/early evening sunshine and I counted many a sigh of happiness from deep within, happy with the spring, with the sunshine, with the anticipation of moving, and with the end of the !@&*!? snow. Again, though, not anxiously anticipating the packing this weekend.

Thank god its going to be nice out, so I can open the windows and get some fresh air into the apartment as we pack it up. Also, not too excited about my experience at the UHaul store buying boxes where the g who waited on me was far too interested in talking to his boy on the phone rather than help a girl out with 40 boxes to load into her unsuitable-for-packing-boxes vehicle. When I asked for some help he was all “wha?” It sure did feel like home again!

We then headed over to the Brewery, where we encountered some of the worst service ever, but luckily all of the blah blah blah-ing made it not matter all that much. Except? Who serves primavera vegetables with chicken parmesan? It looked yummy, anyways.

Tonight? Getting my ass to “aerobics” – HA!

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