Audio/Video Production Education Programs

Audio/video production programs are becoming very important programs in media-related careers. Because of the increase in people having access to the internet, video access is becoming one of the most common ways in which businesses communicate with current and future customers online. Audio/video production programs will prepare people for many different careers.

These careers include equipment operators, television and movie designers, and audio technicians. Once a person has completed an audio/video production program, he or she will be familiar with many forms of audio and video equipment. The person will also be familiar with editing sounds and video.

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For Profit Schools Waiting to Make Changes in US

In response to finding that new regulations will be put into place against their companies, the biggest firms in the United States that offer education to students at a profit are now saying that they will not make changes until they are forced to do so by new rules that have yet to be fully finalized.

Many of these schools (so say experts) are designed for students who want to be able to pursue a change in career and they are being used to gain associate degrees that take around 2 years to obtain, typically.

The issue that federal authorities have with these schools is the charge that they put into place for their services which also means that students end up with a heavy debt load, but do not have a 4 year degree or one that is more commonly found in community colleges where the general studies aspect of a degree is covered more heavily.

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Five Easy Ways Students Can Go Green

saving-energyBeing green means using processes that are environmentally friendly. Some students ignore going green because they think that it may be an inconvenience.

In reality, there are several ways that you and your friends can go green, and that will not take much time out of your day at all.

  1. Turn Off Lights When They Are Not In Use

If you can turn off a light, then you can help to save the environment. The next time you are walking around your office, take note of how many empty offices and rooms have all of their lights on.

By turning those lights off, you are reducing your energy consumption, which saves the environment and saves you money. You might consider investing in motion detected lights that will help you to save money without doing any extra work.Continue reading →

Adblocking is bad for online businesses yet it’s so popular

As sites struggle to accelerate along the path to profitability, we are seeing bigger and more intrusive ad units. Some years ago, many publishers were afraid to push the boundaries of online advertising, preferring instead to stick with standard banner advertising. Now, the industry is pushing more and more for an “interruption” model of advertising, similar to what we see on TV and radio.

Ads Get More Intrusive

The evidence is everywhere: increased site support of pop-up interstitials and SUPERSTITIALs; rapid acceptance of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s new (and much bigger) ad units; and the increasing popularity of “out of banner” ads, including various DHTML executions and units like those supported by eyeblaster. Even the venerable expanding banner ad is moving from a click-initiated expansion to one that’s initiated by a mere mouse-over.

It seems logical: If people are no longer responding to banners, perhaps because they’ve been able to tune them out, then let’s throw up something that they can’t ignore so easily. But if users can’t ignore the ads, will they be annoyed by them instead?

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Do Managers Require An MBA?

Now you’ll be top students, eh? Well, then you’ll complete your bachelor’s and master’s in no time… and then? Check out this post on MBA programs:

Do MBA programs make smarter managers or business leaders? The MBA debate continues furiously, as is the same with the reputation of MBA programs worldwide.

Though the management studies may be popular, they create only a small percentage of successful CEO’s and business leaders, in comparison to legendary leaders of business who are non-MBA’s.

An MBA is at best a diploma which, because of its expensiveness and academic entry obstacles, draws in the top five percent of the students who are generally good at disciplined academics.

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Timothy Ferriss and GED Prep – Getting out off your comfort zone

I mentioned that I was reading a suggestion he makes is to reset your system, to challenge your comfort zones in small ways all of the time. It’s very similar to what I learned from the online course that I was participating in while preparing for the GED test. Management is what I want to study; that’s my future!

By completing comfort challenges, you step outside the established “reality” and into your “unreality.” The idea is to subtly shift your mindset; the rules that are in place for everyone else do not necessarily apply to you.

The first challenge he issues to the reader is to make eye contact and not break it. Let the other person be the one to avert their gaze. Do this to strangers on the street, friends, whoever. It breeds a sense of confidence and authority.Continue reading →

Accredited Online MBA Programs Without GMAT

Listed in this post are online MBA no GMAT programs that are all nationally accredited. Online MBA programs are becoming more and more popular as business professionals now are able to attend a college that is not in their home state.

The advantages are obvious. You won’t have to quit your job, you won’t have to relocate and you can study for your MBA degree anywhere you like and whenever you like. Additionally, you won’t have to spend money on housing and travel.

Below you will find a list of the most affordable and nationally accredited online MBA programs that do not require the GMAT.

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Foo Foo B.S.

Chris, my best colleague, has brought up an interesting topic that I’ve often wanted to spew about – so now’s as good a time as any!

There is a certain league of folks that are smug, condescending, arrogant and downright obnoxious who think that their words “I went to HarVARD” should be followed by my bowing and kissing their feet.  Boy, do I hate to burst a few bubbles…

First of all, I don’t kiss Ivy League boots, I don’t care who may be wearing them!  I also know that folks who go to Ivy League schools put their pants on the same way I do and no matter how much air freshener they have or how much they pay their cleaning lady, their bathroom is liable to smell just as rank as mine at times.

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Look Beyond The Ten Hottest Careers

Job-seekers frequently look at the ten hottest career or the highest paying career lists as a guide to which are the hottest jobs around.

The more determined ones then work or study towards reaching one of these ‘hot jobs’.

When working on GED subjects with my students, the idea of getting this kind of a well-paying job is a strong motivator.

In a parallel career, you’re NOT looking for a better job or even a ‘hot job’. It’s because you realize that a job is only as stable as whether your boss likes you…or your boss’ survival in the company…or the survival of the company…or other factors beyond your control.

You’re looking for something that lasts long-term, something you can develop while you still have a job. You are not looking for short- to medium-term gratification.  In your quest for a parallel career, the ten hottest careers or highest paying career lists are used only as indicators of what jobs (and hence skillsets and know-how) are in high demand in the marketplace.


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Understanding the FSEOG Grant Program

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), like many other federal funded grants, is designed to cut off tuition and other school related expenses for students who are in need of financial help.

To qualify for the FSEOG program, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application form. This is to determine the Expected Family Contribution, which is measured with the following factors: the family’s size, family’s income level and net assets.

The program grants the money to students who have the lowest EFC. Eligible students (with significant financial need) can use the grant money to nearly 4,000 colleges and universities.

The amount of FSEOG grants that are being awarded to eligible students are actually influenced by the educational institutions involved in this particular program.

The money is granted to students who are either currently enrolled or are approved for enrollment in their preferred educational institution. Likewise, it is essential to know that awardees of the Federal Pell Grant are being prioritized for the FSEOG program.Continue reading →