How Students Can Get the Most Financial Aid

200508754-001Each year, state and federal governments, colleges and universities dish out $55 billion to college-bound students. As your budding scholar prepares for college, don’t get left out.

I was recently advising students on math prep for college which was part of their homework, and while doing this, we also talked about what they need to earn to get financial aid.

If you earn $50,000 or less each year, some aid is virtually guaranteed. Even those more affluent can receive aid and scholarships. But no one will get one grant that covers all of the costs for a four-year college education. All sources will work in combination to get you through.

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Hidden Costs of College Education

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Many American students rely on financial aid to attend college, and a big part of the college application process is figuring out how affordable a school will be.

Financial aid packages, which can be composed of scholarships, grants, loans, and work study, are sometimes difficult to understand.

Since different schools have different policies, it can be hard to actually figure out which college gave you the best financial aid package.

Finding the best financial fit combines knowing the school’s policies with knowing what your personal preferences are.  Paying attention to these five policies, along with knowing your own preferences, will help you find the most affordable school for you.Continue reading →

Making the Most of College

download-21Colleges and universities promise their students that when they earn their degrees, they will find rewarding, high-paying jobs.

While this claim may have been true in the past, the weak economy has left many college graduates unable to find suitable employment.

In fact, according to a 2015 report published in Student Affairs Today, the unemployment rate for college graduates is the highest it’s ever been, with upwards of nearly 2 million college graduates being unable to find employment as of November 2014, and millions more are underemployed.

A recent government report on “Unemployment Among Young Workers” shows the highest rate of unemployment ever recorded for this age group while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the jobless rate for younger workers with a college degree has more than doubled since the financial crisis began.

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Knowledge is just like ocean

images-57Knowledge is just like a vast ocean to quench the thirst of the ambitious learners. A Solid education helps the determined, dedicated and diligent students to imbibe the knowledge and put it to greater use on the professional turf.

Higher education not only symbolizes the professional achievement but also ensures personal contentment. The inventively designed distance learning has emerged as the popular mode for knowledge enrichment and skill enhancement.Continue reading →

Value of Education

dv2020128If you pursue a college education, the value of this experience will be proportionate to your investment of effort.

When you think about your reasons for getting a post-secondary degree, keep in mind that the degree does not guarantee a higher paying job, especially in a globalized economy.

Statistics show that people with four-year degrees earn more over their lifetime, but you must find these higher earning jobs yourself.

Here are four ideas to ponder regarding your motivation for attending college.

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How to Get a Scholarship

images-59Locating the appropriate financial aid for college can be difficult, but this article will show a few steps one can take in locating the necessary finances.

Funding one’s online college education can be a challenging task. Many options are available such such as receiving grants, loans, or scholarships. This article will take a look at using scholarships which can be very useful in funding one’s online education, or any post-secondary education for that matter.

A scholarship is free money that is granted to a student for paying college-related expenses. The money typically never needs to be repaid, although exceptional circumstances such as dropping out of school may force the student to repay the scholarship.Continue reading →

Do I need to go to freshman orientation?

images-58Before you begin your exciting first year at college, you’ll be invited to attend a freshman orientation during the summer, where you can become more familiar with what it means to live at and attend your new college.

But for many, attending freshman orientation is a huge inconvenience. For starters, it can be pretty expensive — I know my freshman orientation cost around $300 for myself and my parents to attend, and that’s not including traveling costs, such as food and hotels.

For others, the distance might be a big factor — if your college is a ten hour drive, then attending freshman orientation will take a lot of effort. Maybe you’re busy the day of orientation. And, perhaps, you’re just not interested. There are lots of reasons why you would consider missing orientation.

First and foremost, find out what’s going on at orientation. Many colleges do the same thing at freshman orientation, but you never know for sure. Make sure that nothing’s going on that you can’t afford to miss. If you’re at all unsure, send an e-mail to your college to become certain.
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