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Nowadays there are various scholarships available for different levels and categories of students. These scholarships are typically offered to all underprivileged students who aim to pursue higher education.

If you are a parent, you sure have wished to send your children into a private educational institution. Oftentimes, students of under-performing schools are influenced by drugs and gangs resulting to poor values and education.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund is an American privately-funded program that offers assistance for low-income families. The main goal of the program is to help less-fortunate kids receive high quality education through their enrollment into private schools.

The program was founded in 1998 by Theodore Forstmann and John Walton. And since it was established there are over 1.25 million of hopeful children who have already applied for scholarships.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund, however, does not provide full-financial scholarship assistance. This requires the parents to contribute to the children’s overall educational costs wherein parents would typically shoulder half of their child’s tuition.

The guidelines for qualification can vary by each state where the scholarship operates. Generally, the CSF guidelines are similar to the Federal school lunch program qualifications at which family size and family income are taken into consideration when deciding whether or not the family qualifies for the CSF assistance.

Families must provide proof of income and enrollment in a private school to be eligible for the grant. In addition, the CSF may also award the scholarships on a first-come first-serve basis to students in grades K-8.

Interested parents may need to visit the organization’s official website to find the link of the CSF office within their location, or one that is nearest. By visiting the link, parents would know if there are any scholarships currently being offered by the program. To be acquainted with the application process, parents need to contact the nearest CSF office.

The good thing about the Children’s Scholarship Fund is that they regularly publish newsletter called Required Reading. This printout highlights the efforts of the organization, including the places where they have spoken as well as the recognition awarded to them.

Moreover, the publication also boasts the organization’s scholars who are doing great academically.
High income-earner parents who are not looking for a scholarship to cover the educational expenses of their children are encouraged to make a charitable donation to the Children’s Scholarship Fund.

This move is intended to help underprivileged children obtain a quality education. A donation worth $700 could support a child’s one-year education in the program.


If you are pursuing a degree in science, mathematics, or engineering and you are seeking for a financial support to get through college, the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship can just be the perfect solution for you.

A Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program is considered to be one of the most prestigious scholarships available widely throughout the United States.

The program was established by the U.S. Congress in the year 1986 in honor of the former U.S. senator Barry Goldwater, a republican from Arizona. The scholarship program aims to provide a continuing source of high qualified scientists, mathematicians and engineers in the making.

What makes this program unique is that scholarships are awarded to students who are still in sophomore and junior years, contrary to the typical scholarships that are awarded to high school seniors.

Nearly 3,000 students will receive the scholarship money each year with a maximum amount of $7,500 annually for tuition, books, room and board. Student’s qualification is decided based on 2 factors.

Foremost, applicants who show excellent GPAs can qualify for the money. Also, the amount of award money is based on one’s need. That is, the greater proof for financial need, the greater money is awarded to him.

The competition for the Barry Goldwater scholarship is exceptionally intense. Universities are only allowed to nominate 4 undergraduate students per year. This is why it is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the U.S. For the record, the Princeton University has had the most number of Goldwater Scholars boasting 64 of them.

The awarding of scholarships is determined and decided by the Foundation Board of Trustees. The association takes into consideration the student’s career objectives, field of study and the extent of his commitment to contribute his knowledge to the field.

Qualification is judged by letter of references, written essays, and prior research experiences. If you are nominated for the scholarship, you should perform well so as to emphasize your interest for the educational funding.

You may have to talk to your present and former teachers about letters of recommendation. Also, you have to consider writing an essay of approximately 600 words, which should narrate your current and future plans regarding your studies and prospective career. Putting emphasis on these criteria can help you become a better candidate for the scholarship.

If you are interested to apply for the scholarship, you should focus strongly on grades, especially in your field of interest. Taking advanced science and math classes can help you boost your knowledge and expertise. For this reason, you should carefully choose your school with strong math and science programs to further enhance your education.


Nowadays, it is essential for students to look for possible ways to foster their college education. Avoiding student loan debt is ideal so as to avoid paying the borrowed amount in the near future. This makes it more essential to seek college scholarships. Fortunately, there is no shortage of organizations offering scholarships to persistent students—like the Coca-Cola Company.

One of the biggest names in soft drinks offers corporate scholars both to high school students and college students alike. Each year, the company gives out over 1,400 scholarships to deserving applicants through the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation.

If you are interested to receive scholarship rewards, you must start filing your application as soon as possible. The application process usually begins from August 1 and ends on October 31 of the senior year of high school.

Whether you are home-schooled or enrolled in a traditional high school, you may benefit from this scholarship just as long as you are a high school senior at the time of your application, you are in the United States (U.S. citizen or legalized citizen), and you achieve a minimum GPA of 3.00 at the end of your junior year of high school. Children or grandchildren of Coca-Cola employees, however, may not qualify for the program.

The company will screen all applications and will initially choose 2,200 semifinalists. These semi-finalists are required to submit a secondary application from which they will be screened again.

The Coca-Cola Scholarship awards 250 achievement-based scholarships to outstanding students. The finalists must pass the personal interview conducted by the National Selection Committee in Atlanta. The information or the details about the interview is stated in the letter that notifies them of their qualification.

Out of these, 50 students will receive a $20,000 grant which is distributed between $5,000 per school year up to 4 years. The remaining 200 students will get $10,000 worth of scholarships, divided into $2,500 per year for 4 years.

Coca-Cola also offers stipends to students completing college education at an accredited community college. The All-State Community College Academic Team Program awards eligible students with scholarships worth $2,000 to fund college tuition.

Besides, 50 more students will receive a scholarship worth $1,500, another 50 will receive $1,250, and 50 more students will receive $1,000. Unlike the Scholars Program, students who long to receive this scholarship must be nominated by the appropriate authority of their schools.

Moreover, applicants must be enrolled in a community college and become a member of the ALL-USA or All-State Academic Teams to qualify.

The Coca-Cola scholarship programs are merit-based. Therefore students who wish to apply and maintain scholarship must do well in their studies and must keep a good record of grades. If you wish to acquire any of Coke’s scholarships, you may visit the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation website.

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